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Chilton ~ Hanzell Wedding

A burgundy, navy, and ivory color palette for this wedding.

It wasn’t meant to be patriotic but it was elegant none-the-less!

Altar arrangement of red ‘Charlotte’ roses, red spray roses, and white hydrangeas.

Pew accented with white hydrangeas with navy blue streamers.

Bridal bouquet – all red tulips wrapped with a navy blue and lace handle adorned with wedding rings from the bride’s late mother.  A wonderful way to remember lost loved ones on your special day.

Reception tables of curly willow branches with hanging white orchid blooms.  Scattered recycled corks were purchased for pennies as an earth-friendly way of decorating the reception tables.


About alteague3828

My name is Anna and I am a floral artist and a newbie at this diy project thing. I have been a florist for the better part of 15 years and love doing weddings in my "spare time". But my passion for pretty things doesn't stop there. I also fancy purchasing "junk" and giving it new life. And I try to show people how transforming these pieces doesn't have to break the bank. I hope this blog inspires you!

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