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Weddings without a color scheme – how  do you do it?  I actually like it when someone says “I don’t have colors but here’s how I want it to feel”.  And that’s exactly what I tried to do for Nikki’s special day!

 Rich, deep, wine colors make this wedding warm and beautiful!  Many natural elements such as moss, cedar wood candle pedestals, and distressed wood boxes also help to create a vintage and rustic theme.

Bridal bouquet of burgundy red dahlias, carnations, kangaroo paw, and green hydrangeas with various greens like lemon, purple smoke bush, clematis vine, lisianthus buds, and dock weed wrapped in a chocolate brown sheer fabric and tied with rope twine. 

 The different types of greens make this bouquet very natural and untamed while the rich, velvet colors of the dahlias, carnations, and kangaroo paw lend an air of sophistication.

 Bridesmaid bouquet of ‘Bluebird’ lavendar roses, lavendar lisianthus, peach stock, green hydrangeas, burgundy red kangaroo paw, and greens of lemon and purple smoke bush wrapped in rope twine.

 Making sure to not have all one color and style of flower makes this bouquet free-spirited and vintage.


Boutonniere of peach spray roses, purple smoke bush, burgundy red kangaroo paw, and twigs.

 Allowing the stems to show on boutonnieres gives it a less structured feel keeping in with the natural theme.

Table centerpieces of peach spray roses, purple smoke bush, purple lisianthus, burgundy carnations, peach stock, ‘Bluebird’ roses, green hydrangeas, red kangaroo paw, seeded eucalyptus, and lemon leaf in rustic wood boxes.  

 Other tables were decorated with ivory candles atop short wooden log slices with pieces of moss placed in between. 

 Another wooden box centerpiece.  You can really see that dark purple smoke bush in this arrangement.  Amazing foliage!

 The candles and wood almost looked like a replication of something out of the landscape.  I can just imagine fallen logs in the woods somewhere with moss starting to grow around it.  So whimsical and romatic!

 You may notice not all the green flowers in these box centerpieces are hydrangeas.  I couldn’t get the right size and quantity of hydrangeas with my original order.  Here’s where I really shock myself sometimes….a few weeks before Nikki’s wedding, I noticed these beautiful green milkweed plants growing in the back field behind our house.  I did some research online on how to use milkweed as a cut flower.  They have latex that exudes from the stem when you cut them, very similar to poinsettias.  You must sear the ends of the stems after cutting with a flame.  I actually held them upside-down and used the flame to seal the ends.  They will wilt at first when you put them in water but they will recover and last for quite a long time.  It’s a shame I don’t know where to purchase these – they really are lovely with lime green florets and purple centers.  They blend in great with those green hydrangeas too!


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Photo by J Hodges Photography


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My name is Anna and I am a floral artist and a newbie at this diy project thing. I have been a florist for the better part of 15 years and love doing weddings in my "spare time". But my passion for pretty things doesn't stop there. I also fancy purchasing "junk" and giving it new life. And I try to show people how transforming these pieces doesn't have to break the bank. I hope this blog inspires you!

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  1. Hi I love the center pieces made with the small wooden logs and am currently working on similar centerpieces for a friends wedding I was wondering if theres a good place to find those logs at a decent price?

    • The logs in this wedding were a DIY project. I don’t know where you are commenting from but here in Oklahoma, trees are readily available. The bride just went in her backyard and cut down a cedar tree that was 6-7″ in diameter. She then used a miter saw and cut them in 8-9″ lengths and I arranged them with moss on the tables. This would also look good with aspen or birch logs if you had the option. If you don’t want to mess with doing it yourself, I believe you can go on Etsy and purchase them at a reasonable price.


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