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Vintage Bottles

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I LOVE vintage bottles!!!  Who doesn’t, right?  My collection is getting extensive… husband has complained…

I found these beautiful old medicine bottles at a garage sale.  They were selling them for .25/ea which was a steal! I bought all of them. Some have a green/blue tint to them and most have a raised glass label on the frony.  I looked up the square ones online and found them going for $25-$45 a piece!  They will add such a great rustic, vintage feel to any centerpiece with a single garden rose or delicate flower in them.


About alteague3828

My name is Anna and I am a floral artist and a newbie at this diy project thing. I have been a florist for the better part of 15 years and love doing weddings in my "spare time". But my passion for pretty things doesn't stop there. I also fancy purchasing "junk" and giving it new life. And I try to show people how transforming these pieces doesn't have to break the bank. I hope this blog inspires you!

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