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Nightstand Remix

We just had a neighborhood garage sale – and it was insane! We pretty much sold everything…..except this little nightstand.

Nightstand before

Our neighbor donated it to the sale just to get it out of his house and no one saw the potential in it…..but me ūüôā Although it’s not 100% solid wood like prefer to work with, I figured I couldn’t hurt it much more than it had already been through. I removed the drawer¬†handles and tried my best to¬†pull the 2 layers of contact paper off the top (why do people put contact paper on¬†real wood?!). Then I had to repair one of the legs, fix both drawer slides and pull duct tape off the back plywood panel. Yeesh, this poor thing had had it rough! After¬†scratching up the varnish with my palm sander, I painted it off white. It was getting late so I didn’t¬†have time to mix up the¬†chalk paint like I normally prefer to¬†use so let this¬†be a good example of the difference between distressing techniques.

2Nightstand after1

After¬†using¬†3 coats of paint, I sanded it back down to distress it.¬†¬†You can see how¬†the sander¬†pulled off larger chunks of paint when you don’t use chalk paint. And honestly, this looks a little more authentic than when you use chalk paint but it is a booger to sand through. So, whatever your preference, I say go for it.I Bought two glass drawer pulls and one metal one at Lowes and reattached. Total investment, $15. Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

Nightstand before and after

Remember, everything has potential! Don’t give up on it just because it doesn’t look perfect right off the bat. Paint works miracles!



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My name is Anna and I am a floral artist and a newbie at this diy project thing. I have been a florist for the better part of 15 years and love doing weddings in my "spare time". But my passion for pretty things doesn't stop there. I also fancy purchasing "junk" and giving it new life. And I try to show people how transforming these pieces doesn't have to break the bank. I hope this blog inspires you!

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