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Bathroom Remodel – Part 1 – Demolition

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 After living in our home for almost 5 years…..we finally took the plunge and decided to remodel a room. And being newbies to all of it, why not start on the most complicated room in the entire house…right? Ah, the master bathroom. Just to give you a backstory, we bought our house as a foreclosure. And as I’m sure you can tell, I love taking ugly things and making them pretty. So, I didn’t need a house that was “move-in ready”. I needed a house that has potential to be something better than it is! So here is my lovely house before we bought it:


And here is some of the master bathroom specifically what I refer to as the “shower dungeon”

photo 8

Here you can see the bathtub behind the door (which I hate that the door hits the tub every time you open it, but that’s another project for another day). Where my husband is at is the shower dungeon which is a walled-in door leading to the shower which has no closure. Good in theory, but just bad done like this.


My baby standing inside the shower when he was 3….(sniff sniff)….where does the time go?!


More inside the shower dungeon.

The pictures don’t show it much….but this place is TRULY the house that tile built. The father of the couple that lived here made a living installing tile. And let me tell ya, this house probably kept him in biz-naz. There’s tile on the floor, countertop, wall, everywhere. I hate it! And not so much that it’s tile, but it’s the same damn tile everywhere. And it’s gray and cold and lifeless in a bathroom with no sunlight! It made me sad to go in there. But, I could see the potential and knew we could fix it eventually.

So now the demo!


Demo is fun! Don’t let anyone tell you differently. However, it was just downright wrong the amount of mold found in this shower stall.


See that?! This was just a tidbit of what was found all along the bottom half of the shower. Don’t get me wrong, I expected to find some mold. SOME mold. But not this much. We always noticed it smelled musty and never dried completely out in between showers. And now we know why. You are supposed to use concrete backer board in wet areas such as showers because it doesn’t absorb water therefore mold cannot grow on it. The people that installed this shower used regular sheetrock…….PLAIN SHEETROCK!!!! It was soaked and covered in mold. The minute my husband touched it, it crumbled. There’s no telling how that tile didn’t just start falling off the wall. Plus, the bottom tiles were glued directly onto the rubber membrane instead of concrete. I promise you none of this was up to code.

photo 3

After knocking out that half wall, we finally got it down to the studs. Even naked and bare, it looks much better than when we started.

photo 4

After the shower was demo-ed, removing tile off the bathtub was simple. Time consuming and dirty, but easy. Stay tuned for part 2!