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Bathroom Window Art

I’m a full time Pinterest-a-holic. I’ll be honest about it. It speaks to my soul! I am such a visual person. I love seeing a new idea and then try to re-create it in my own Anna-ness. So….I saw this on Pinterest:


This blogger took an old window pane and put in photos of their kids while in the bathtub to use as bathroom wall art. Super cute, right?! Step 1, find a Pinterest project – check! Step 2, sprinkle some Anna-dust over it and make it mine 🙂  It took me MONTHS to find an old window that people weren’t trying to sell to Pinsters like myself for an arm and a leg. I found one at a junk store for $10. Much like this one:

It was crusty, dusty, and old. I fell in love with it! After sanding it down, wiping the glass panes, and staining the wood underneath, it was ready for the photos.

Problem: I don’t have 6 kids to fill in all those window panes. And since I don’t have the time (or money) to push out any more kids to fix that problem, I had to get creative. I don’t know about you, but I just adore chalkboard writing. Unfortunately, I don’t have a steady hand for it. BUT, I do have MAD computer skillz! So I went to work downloading every and all free chalkboard fonts I could find. I took it over to Microsoft Publisher and created some cute work art to resemble chalkboard art. Did a quick photo shoot with the kiddos in the tub, printed it all on regular paper, and taped it to the back of the window. BAM! What do you think?

Window Bathroom Art2

Window Bathroom Art

Total cost…..$10. Yee-haw! I love cheap house decor!


Lego Mini-Figure Display from Picture Frame

 Raise your hand if you are the parent of a child who is addicted to Legos and you are desperate to find ANYTHING to organize the mess…..YEP! I thought so. I am not the only one.

This project was realized after going through countless plastic ziploc baggies full of Legos (our only method of Lego organization) while my oldest son pitch a full on “2-year old style tantrum” when he couldn’t find his prized Golden Ninja mini-figure as we were trying to walk out the door. I’m sure this sounds familiar to most parents….

Here was the inspiration I saw on Pinterest:

It looked great but I had some bad experiences using superglue on glass. SO….

Lego Board Before

 I bought these two “awesome” canvas prints at a garage sale – 2 for $7! It was a steal. Little did I think that this is what I’d be doing with them. But hey, you have to use what you got, right?


 Here you can see I’ve primed over the canvas painting. It’ll take a few coats to go over something that dark and textured. I’ve also painted the frame a color that goes well with my son’s room. I knew I was going to distress the edges so I used this little technique on how to create your own chalk paint:

Lego Board without legos

 If you haven’t heard about chalk paint, you are literally living in a hole. Literally. If you’ve ever tried to distress something using regular paint, you end up so-so results and a really sore arm. Sprinkling in a little Plaster of Paris and water to any paint, you get MUCH better results. I always use a palm sander on my distressing projects. Don’t ask me what grit I used for the sandpaper. It was whatever I could find in my garage. Beautiful results! I painted the inside of the frame a neutral color to match his room.

Lego Generic

 My son was adamant for me not to use any Legos from his collection so I found these at Wal-Mart for $15. It’s just a generic set of Legos and it had the most 2×2 pieces I could find for the cheapest price tag. You can buy them off the website but hey, who has time to wait/pay for shipping?! Right?

Lego Board without mini figures

 After the paint had dried, I superglued the little 2×2 pieces to the canvas. You’ll want to get out your measuring tape to make sure the spacing is all aligned. Also, test it out with a little mini-figure to make sure they’ll all fit verticially without bumping into each other. Mine isn’t perfect. You can see I got a little wonky with the horizontal spacing in the middle sections . Also, you’ll notice on the second to last row, second to last piece, I ran out of 2×2 pieces so I had little angled pieces here and there. But hey, I ain’t no perfectionist. It’ll get the job done 😉

Lego Board with mini figures - After

 After the superglue had dried, this was my result! My son had a BLAST placing all these on the stands. And, it is now his responsiblity to make sure they are where they’re supposed to be and not under my foot late at night…..

Lego Board with mini figures - After2


“Character” Wall Art

 Office Sign - Character

So….our neighbor had this tree that had been dead for several summers…..

Tree Damage

….and it fell into our backyard busting up a few fence panels in the process. Honestly, the damage could’ve been worse so I wasn’t too upset. BUT, me being a hoarder one who doesn’t throw away good material, I took the broken fence panels and sanded them down. I then whitewashed them and sanded them down again. I took some mohogany gel stain and went over it with a damp cloth. Looked on Pinterest and found an awesome quote so I printed it on regular paper. Using an exacto-knife, I cut out the letters and used them as a stencil over my boards and voila!

Office Sign - Character

By the way, if you do a stencil on regular paper, it’s only good for one use. Once that paint wets the paper, it tends to tear and destroy your stencil. But it works in a pinch. Also, I could’ve cut each end flat and sanded it down but I LOVED the rough edges so I left them and put extra stain on them to make it look like the wood is aged. You wouldn’t believe how heavy this sucker is! I made sure to reinforce the back with 2 – 1x4s and made sure to drill it into a wall stud. Hope it inspires you!

Door to Headboard Project


As if weddings weren’t keeping me busy enough, I’ve decided to start DIY, Pinterest-inspired project section! Oh my creative juices just keep on flowin…. To clarify, these projects are not going to be so much of a “how did you do it”, step by step description thing. Oh no, I’m not that organized. It’ll be more of a “here’s what I did. Let it inspire you” thing. So saddle up! Here we go!

First up is my door to headboard project. So, I have this headboard…..

Door Headboard Project Before

…meh. It ain’t great. I bought the bed from my brother and it came with this headboard and matching footboard. Anyone who knows me knows I hate matchy match things. And I’m not a big fan of metal headboards either.

So – I found this GORGEOUS door at Habitat Restore:

Door Headboard Project

Habitat Restore is the resale shop they take all the building material Habitat for Humanity gets donated to them from companies and individuals remodeling their homes. All the proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity. It is a good cause people! I just happened to come on a “half off all doors” day so it was a STEAL at $25!

After a little spackle, paint, crown molding, 2 – 2×4’s for the base, lots of patience, and my husband entertaining the kiddos for half a day, here is the end result!

Door to Headboard - After


B-E-A-utiful! Definitely an upgrade on a budget. Still hate my curtains but that’ll be another project for another day.

Oh and those pictures were old canvases I modge-podged large black and white photos printed on plain paper at Kinko’s for $5 total. I’m such a cheap date 🙂

Davis Wedding

Feels like it’s been forever since I did this wedding! I should’ve posted it much sooner.

Color Palette

The bride chose a beautiful ivory, soft pink, and burgundy color palette for her wedding.

Ivory and pink ceremony arrangment

Altar arrangement of ivory roses and hydrangeas, and soft pink ‘Titanic’ roses atop one of my favorite glass vases in my collection. Stunning!

Ivory and pink ceremony arrangment

Paired together, these are just gorgeous! The trick was getting them level. You can see from this picture it was a little off…

Ivory and pink ceremony arrangment

…but I eventually fixed it.

Ivory, pink, and burgundy bouquet

Bridal bouquet of ivory ‘Virginia’ and soft pink David Austin roses, white hydrangeas, burgundy/purple dahlias, and silver dusty miller wrapped in lace.

Ivory, pink, and burgundy bouquet

You can really see the difference in this picture between a regular rose and a David Austin rose. They smelled SO good as well!

Bride and Groom

The lovely bride and groom! Aren’t they just so cute and photogenic 🙂

Photo by





Roles Wedding

Soft pastel colors and locally grown product keep this wedding very “I just picked these out of my gramma’s backyard”. Bridle Creek Ranch is a perfect setting that allows you to take advantage of the beautiful surroundings instead of spending a fortune decorating it. I highly recommend it as the next spot for your event!

Bridal bouquet of soft pink dahlias, pink and purple zinnias, white Queen Anne’s Lace, pink gomphrena, purple veronica, autumn blooming clematis, green berzillia berries, and lamb’s ear wrapped in a twine handle with turqoise colored sheer ribbon.

I added a sprig of spearmint from my backyard to the inside of this bouquet so it had a pleasant and calming affect for the bride 🙂 I hope it helped her to relax!

Photo by

Bride with bridesmaids. Bridesmaid bouquets comprised of zinnias, sedum, berzillia berries, Queen Anne’s Lace, veronica, lavendar, and wrapped with twine.

Photo by

Photo by

Photo by

Ceremony aisles were lined with mason jars of wildflowers on shephard’s hooks.

Mason jars contained zinnias, sedum, Queen Anne’s Lace, lamb’s ear, monte casino, and berzillia berries.

Reception tables contained various shapes and sizes of vases with free-form arrangements in each. Most consisted of zinnias, Queen Anne’s Lace, berzillia berries, sedum, gomphrena, monte casino, and purple veronica.

The bridal party table held all bouquets in blue mason jars.

Boutonnieres were white monte casino daisies, pink gomphrena, and green berzillia berries wrapped in twine.

Thompson Wedding

Hot pink and green combo remix! It’s an awesome color scheme, so why not?!

Beautiful bridal bouquet of white and green hydrangeas with a splash of hot pink spray roses. The handle was accented with pearl pins.

Reception tables were decorated with plates of green apples and pink and green flowers or flower centerpieces. The greeting card table housed a black metal birdcase decorated with greenery and flowers.

Reception centerpiece arrangements consisted of white and green hydrangeas, hot pink and ivory roses, hot pink carnations, green spider mums, and green kermit button mums.

Other reception tables had plates, compotes, or wooden boxes of green apples sprinkled with hot pink or green flowers.

Bridesmaid bouquets were hot pink standard and spray roses, hot pink celosia, and green kermit button mums.

Boutonnieres were hot pink spray roses and green myrtle.