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Repurposed Wood Tissue Box

One of my absolute favorite things to look for on pinterest is things that have been repurposed. I know you love it too! So, here’s my green thumb version of upcycling!


Tada! It’s one of my favorite garage sale finds. For a whole .50, I bought this wooden tissue box. And that’s ALL I bought at this garage sale!  I know, right?!  I am a garage sale junkie so this was a big deal for me…. I have an unexplained love for wooden things, especially boxes (don’t ask). This one really caught my eye for the metal corner brackets. So, I purchased it and brought it home….and had no idea what to do with it. BUT, I had also been to Lowe’s this day and bought a bunch of succulents on sale (couldn’t resist that one). After thinking long and hard, I flipped this thing over and had a epiphany:


Whoa, hold the phone…..that tissue box opening looks an awful lot like a drainage hole on the bottom of a plant container. Ding, ding, ding!!

First thing’s first, I need to make sure the dirt doesn’t fall through that big hole. The best thing I could recommend to use is landscape fabric which we use for installation of flowerbeds to keep weeds out. It doesn’t inhibit water flow but it keeps the dirt contained. You could probably use newspaper too but keep in mind, newspaper is biodegradable so it will eventually disintegrate. For a container, newspaper would probably last the summer season before it falls apart  so no big deal.

You’ll want to cut it square and tape it to the sides of the container:


Trim any excess fabric that pokes up over the top. (Hide your mechanics as they used to tell me at the flower shop). Time to add the soil!


Listen…..I have a degree in Horticulture so believe me when I say there is a HUGE difference in potting mixes out there.  Don’t buy the cheap stuff!  Your plants will suffer. I am a firm believer in Miracle-Gro. I’ve done my own tests with generic mixes and Miracle-Gro and I’ll never skimp again. I picked this mix knowing it had quite a bit of sand in it which succulents need for good drainage.


Aren’t my plants so pretty? Time to arrange them in their new container and fill in the gaps with potting mix.


And done! How simple is that? Try it yourself with ferns, ivy, or whatever tickles your fancy 🙂 Have fun!

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