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Davis Wedding

Feels like it’s been forever since I did this wedding! I should’ve posted it much sooner.

Color Palette

The bride chose a beautiful ivory, soft pink, and burgundy color palette for her wedding.

Ivory and pink ceremony arrangment

Altar arrangement of ivory roses and hydrangeas, and soft pink ‘Titanic’ roses atop one of my favorite glass vases in my collection. Stunning!

Ivory and pink ceremony arrangment

Paired together, these are just gorgeous! The trick was getting them level. You can see from this picture it was a little off…

Ivory and pink ceremony arrangment

…but I eventually fixed it.

Ivory, pink, and burgundy bouquet

Bridal bouquet of ivory ‘Virginia’ and soft pink David Austin roses, white hydrangeas, burgundy/purple dahlias, and silver dusty miller wrapped in lace.

Ivory, pink, and burgundy bouquet

You can really see the difference in this picture between a regular rose and a David Austin rose. They smelled SO good as well!

Bride and Groom

The lovely bride and groom! Aren’t they just so cute and photogenic ūüôā

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Selk Wedding

I LOVE ORANGE WEDDINGS! There, I said it….deal with it.

Granted, I may be a little biased considering my background, but hey – who wouldn’t love this color palette?!

Bright (OSU) orange, soft gray, and white. Lots of vintage themes to this wedding ūüôā

Bridal bouquet of all white ‘Virginia’ roses, hydrangeas, spray roses, and Queen Anne’s Lace paired with silver ‘Silver Dollar’ seeded eucalyptus and wrapped in a smoke gray ribbon with lace overlay.

Bridesmaid bouquets were¬†comprised of orange ‘Miracle’ roses, lemon leaf, and silver seeded eucalyptus. At this wedding, I was introduced to Kristine and Scott¬†Redekopp who¬†own Blue Elephant Photography.¬†Brilliant local photographers who add a gorgeous, vintage look to their photos!¬† They¬†were nice enough to lend me a copy¬†of the work they did for Katy’s wedding.¬†

(Photo by

The ceremony was held in the First United Methodist Church in Stillwater, OK. The church has BEAUTIFUL stained glass all in the sanctuary and foyer. I had to take advantage of this.

Bridesmaids with the bride. Love the gray and orange combo!

(Photo by

Groomsmen with groom. All groomsmen wore gray suspenders and orange ties. Their boutonnieres were orange spray roses with white Queen Anne’s Lace and seeded eucalyptus.

(Photo by

The aisles were lined with white hydrangeas with light gray ribbon.

(Photo by

(Left) The altar was flanked with 2, 2′ tall vase centerpieces of all white hydrangeas, ‘Virginia’ roses, and Queen Anne’s Lace.¬† Lemon leaf and seeded eucalyptus draped down bottom of the vase. (Right) Close-up of the aisle hydrangeas. Beautiful stained glass windows added a wonderful backdrop to these flowers.

¬†The head table was decorated with 2 black lanterns¬†inside white hydrangeas, white spray roses, and orange ‘Miracle’ rose wreath centerpieces. All chairs were draped in an orange satin ribbon.

Another view of the lantern wreath centerpieces 

Some of the table centerpieces were white hydrangeas and roses, orange roses,¬†and Queen Anne’s Lace in 6′ glass cube vases.¬†

¬†Every table had a picture of the couple together at various stages of their relationship.¬† They were high school sweethearts and married after they graduated college. Say it with me….”Aw, how sweet”

 Bud vases containing orange roses were on some of the reception tables.

¬†Close-up of a reception centerpiece. White hydrangeas, orange roses, white Queen Anne’s Lace, and white roses in a glass cube vase.

Rains Wedding

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Weddings without a color scheme – how ¬†do you do it?¬† I actually like it when someone says “I don’t have colors but here’s how I want it to feel”.¬† And that’s exactly what I tried to do for Nikki’s special day!

 Rich, deep, wine colors make this wedding warm and beautiful!  Many natural elements such as moss, cedar wood candle pedestals, and distressed wood boxes also help to create a vintage and rustic theme.

Bridal bouquet of burgundy red dahlias, carnations, kangaroo paw, and green hydrangeas with various greens like lemon, purple smoke bush, clematis vine, lisianthus buds, and dock weed wrapped in a chocolate brown sheer fabric and tied with rope twine. 

 The different types of greens make this bouquet very natural and untamed while the rich, velvet colors of the dahlias, carnations, and kangaroo paw lend an air of sophistication.

¬†Bridesmaid bouquet of ‘Bluebird’ lavendar roses, lavendar lisianthus, peach stock, green hydrangeas, burgundy red kangaroo paw, and greens of lemon and purple smoke bush wrapped in rope twine.

 Making sure to not have all one color and style of flower makes this bouquet free-spirited and vintage.


Boutonniere of peach spray roses, purple smoke bush, burgundy red kangaroo paw, and twigs.

 Allowing the stems to show on boutonnieres gives it a less structured feel keeping in with the natural theme.

Table centerpieces of peach spray roses, purple smoke bush, purple lisianthus, burgundy carnations, peach stock, ‘Bluebird’ roses,¬†green hydrangeas, red kangaroo paw, seeded eucalyptus, and lemon leaf in¬†rustic wood boxes.¬†¬†

 Other tables were decorated with ivory candles atop short wooden log slices with pieces of moss placed in between. 

 Another wooden box centerpiece.  You can really see that dark purple smoke bush in this arrangement.  Amazing foliage!

 The candles and wood almost looked like a replication of something out of the landscape.  I can just imagine fallen logs in the woods somewhere with moss starting to grow around it.  So whimsical and romatic!

¬†You may notice not all the green flowers in these box centerpieces are hydrangeas.¬† I couldn’t get the right size and quantity of hydrangeas with my original order.¬† Here’s where I really shock myself sometimes….a few weeks before Nikki’s wedding, I noticed these beautiful green milkweed plants growing in the back field behind our house.¬† I did some research online on how to use milkweed as a cut flower.¬† They have latex that exudes from the stem when you cut them, very similar to poinsettias.¬† You must sear the ends of the stems after cutting with a flame.¬† I actually held them upside-down¬†and used the flame to seal the ends.¬† They will wilt at first when you put them in water but they will recover and last for quite a long time.¬† It’s a shame I don’t know where to purchase these – they really are lovely with lime green florets and purple centers.¬† They blend in great with those green hydrangeas too!


Bride and Groom Page

Photo by J Hodges Photography

Miscellaneous Arrangements

Sometimes, I do arrangements for special occasions – my mother’s birthday, friend’s anniversary, etc.¬† I think I’ll start posting those arrangements here:

Peacock arrangement РSoft pink spray roses, blue hydrangeas, pink tulips, blue delphinium, purple kale, and green hypericum berries accented with seeded eucalyptus and peacock feathers.  The vase sets off the arrangement with a teal blue sash, silver button, and peacock feathers glued to the bottom.  Very fun and exotic!

Simple arrangements with only one type of flower are the easiest as well as most inexpensive.  I also love the elegance and modern look it creates.

Yellow and White gladiolas in a vase.

White monte casino daisies in a mason jar.

Lavendar blue and purple hydrangeas from my own personal garden ūüôā You may see this blue mason jar in many of my random arrangements.¬† It’s my favorite container.

Pink peonies with silver lamb’s ear and green hostas in a blue mason jar – also from my garden ūüėČ

Valentine’s arrangement for my best friend from her husband – red tulips, white hydrangeas with various greens in a crystal bowl.

Bridal fair arrangement I made for Averi Blackmon ( Рyellow roses, purple and green trachelium, white stock, blue delphinium, lily grass, bupleureum, and eucalyptus in my favorite cobalt blue mason jar.

One of my favorite light yellow roses to use!¬† ‘Blizzard’ roses are still standard roses but have a large head and many, many petals.¬† When they open, they look identical to a garden rose which is normally 5x the price!¬† These were left over from a wedding so I arranged them in a milk¬†glass compote and spearmint from my¬†garden.¬† Looked (and smelled) amazing!¬†

Arrangement made for a mock-up of a wedding reception table.  Blush pink spray roses, pink alstromeria, green fuji mums, pink gerbera daisies, and hot pink carnations in a square container. (Sorry about the clarity Рtaken with a camera phone)

Fun with Indian Paintbrush!  I picked these in the open field behind my house and decided to play around with different container ideas.

This is an old metal pitcher I found at a junkyard.  So rustic and still beautiful.

I bought this ‘Clabber Girl’ baking powder tin at another junkyard for .50!¬† Score!¬† You may see me use this container quite a bit for my¬†vintage weddings.

Teapot with flowers.  Still vintage and rustic with the wildflowers but with a modern,  sleek twist. 

I am ofen amazed at how a container can make or break the look of an arrangement.¬† Choose…..wisely!

Murphy ~ Startzell Wedding

Vintage, country wedding with blue gingham as the accent pattern?

~ Brilliant! ~

Bridesmaids with bouquets.

Bridesmaids bouquets consisted of red and orange dahlias, red celosia, yellow solidago, red snapdragons, green hypericum berries, and german millet wrapped in twine.

Altar centerpiece of sunflowers, solidago, red dahlias, red celosia, snapdragons, purple and german millet, and green hypericum berries.


Orange dahlia boutonniere

Bridal bouquet white dahlias, white lisianthus, and pale green antique hydrangeas wrapped in a champagne and lace vintage trim handle.

Reception table piece – green antique hydrangeas, sunflowers, red celosia, solidago, green hypericum berries, and german millet in a vintage hat box.

Reception arrangement of red dahlias, sunflowers, green antique hydrangeas, yellow solidago, green hpericum berries, and german and purple millet in a rustic tin container.

Reception arrangement of red dahlias, sunflowers, green antique hydrangeas, yellow solidago, green hpericum berries, and german millet in an antique wooden tea box.

Tea cup centerpieces of red dahlias, sunflowers, green antique hydrangeas, yellow solidago, green hpericum berries, and german millet.

Buffet table arrangement of red dahlias, sunflowers, green antique hydrangeas, yellow solidago, green hpericum berries, and german and purple millet.

Mason jars of red dahlias wrapped in twine.

Sign-in table arrangement of red dahlias, sunflowers, green antique hydrangeas, yellow solidago, green hpericum berries, and german millet in an old wooden box.

Gilbert ~ Hollabaugh Wedding

Ceremony Wreaths – 2 smaller boxwood wreaths and 1 larger wreath of white garden roses, yellow solidago, and red hypericum berries

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Groom’s boutonniere – yellow solidago and red hypericum berries with rosemary sprigs wrapped in a red ribbon

Photo by

Brides bouquet with bridesmaid bouquets. Bridesmaids bouquets consisted of yellow coreopsis, yellow solidago, red hypericum berries, scabiosa pods, and silver artemesia wrapped in twine for the handle.

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Hanging mason jars filled with sand and tealight candles.

Photo by

Bridal bouquet – white garden roses, yellow solidago, red hypericum berries, scabiosa pods, mint, boxwood, lamb’s ear, and lemon leaf.¬† The handle was wrapped in lace to match the bride’s dress.¬† Three lockets were then attached containing photos of¬†special family members to honor their memory.

Photo by

Bridal bouquet detail

Photo by

Bridal bouquet detail

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Sign-in table – white garden roses, yellow coreopsis, mint, and lamb’s ear in a vintage tin can

Photo by

Reception tables with antique kerosene lanterns and single bud vases of various flowers

Photo by

Photo by

Mason jars on receptions tables – grouped bunches of roses, dahlias, echinacea buds, coreopsis, and solidago

Photo by

Reception tables – bowls of lemon surrounded by herb seedlings in clay pots

Photo by

Bowls of lemon on reception tables – a great and inexpensive way to decorate!

Photo by


Lovett ~ Andrews Wedding

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One of my absolute favorite weddings! I always love doing flowers for friends especially when the bride and groom and venue are SO photogenic. I hope you enjoy this vintage, fall wedding located in the heart of Oklahoma City at the rustic Farmer’s Market Ballroom.

Bridal bouquet: Red ‘Charlotte’ roses, red celosia, burgundy dahlias, red hypericum berries, japanese red maple leaves, and dusty miller wrapped in a burgundy fabric.

Top view of bouquet

Another view of the bridal bouquet

Bridesmaid bouquets with bridal bouquet

Flower girl with orange spray roses in her hair

Cake flowers – japanese red maple leaves, maple leaves, hypericum berries, and orange spray roses

Boutonniere – red hypericum berries and a single red maple leaf wrapped in gold and white ribbon

Reception tables under giant red sumac trees illumated by various sized candles below and hanging from branches.

Another view

Other tables had sumac branches and beads surrounded by burgundy votives

Beautiful photos taken by BRC Photography: